Marti Pujol - Digital Compositor with generalist skills
My name is Martí Pujol and I love creating Visual Effects! Hope you find the content below interesting and, of course, any feedback will be appreciated. Enjoy it!
My Work
Martí Pujol - Digital Compositor Showreel (2011)
Martí Pujol - Digital Compositor Showreel (2011)

Brief collection of the latest projects I have been involved as a Digital Compositor.
Most of them have a VFX breakdown allowing you to see the shot compositing process and layers that compound each one of them.
You can take a look at the VFX Breakdown Sheet.

Music was composed by Dani Trujillo,

Watch the HD version at VIMEO.
Watch the HD version at YOUTUBE.

Pepsi - Commercial (2011)
Pepsi - Commercial (2011)

Commercial directed by Albert Pintó,
Music composed by Dani Trujillo,
Sound Editing done by Marc Solà,
Camera (RED ONE), chroma panels and reflectors where provided by Banzai Studio,
Cam crane provided by Eduard Martí,

Compositing, Matte Painting and Matchmoving of the shots that required Visual Effects. In this case I also had to model, light, render and animate the UFOs.

Matt's Summer - Trailer (2011)
Matt's Summer - Trailer (2011)

Trailer directed by Geoffrey Cowper.
It was presented in this year's edition of Base New Talent.

Bus Stop: Replacement of the background poster.
Cinema: Replacement of the cinema screen and addition of flare and glow effects.
Car accident: Shoot in different layers and mixed together in post.

Cóndor - Commercial (2010)
Cóndor - Commercial (2010)

TV Commercial for "Cóndor".
Directed by Albert Pintó,
Shoot at Banzai Studi0,

Compositing, matchmoving and color grading of the whole commercial.

Mario: Operación Triunfo - Music Clip (2010)
Mario: Operación Triunfo - Music Clip (2010)

Music clip of the song "Voy a ser yo" from Mario, the last winner of the TV contest "Operación Triunfo".
Directed by Albert Pintó,

Adding more lights and removing floor imperfections such as little stones and cracks.

Sport - Commercial (2010)
Sport - Commercial (2010)

TV Commercial for Diari SPORT directed by Caye Casas,
Music composed by Dani Trujillo,

Compositing of the main character on the background and projection of the drawn layers into a 3D space to animate them.

Mental - Teaser (2009)
Mental - Teaser (2009)

"Mental" is a teaser trailer presented in the first edition of BASE NEW TALENT.
Thought and directed by Albert Pintó,
Shoot by Eduard Martí, Albert Pintó and Martí Pujol,
Music composed by Dani trujillo,
Sound editing done by Marc Solà at SoiArt,

Modeling, animating, texturing, lighting, rendering, matchmoving and compositing of the CG elements in the trailer.
Also did the color grading of the whole trailer.

Baumann v.08 - Commercial (2008)
Baumann v.08 - Commercial (2008)

TV commercial for Baumann v.08 Festival.
Directed by Albert Pintó,
Shoot by GRUP35,
Music composed by Dani trujillo,
Sound editing done by Marc Solà at SoiArt,

Final 3D animation of the titles: modeling, animating, lighting, rendering and compositing.
Also did the color grading of the whole commercial.

About Me

My name is Martí Pujol. I was born in Terrassa on January the 23rd 1985.

I started becoming a VFX lover about 10 years ago, learning 3D Studio Max as a hobby. I finally realized that I wanted to do that professionally when movies like “The Matrix” and “The Lord of the Rings” where released.

I had graduated in Multimedia at UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), and for the final degree project I made a fully animated short movie in 3D Studio Max and Combustion. After this, I started working on projects such as TV commercials, short movies from ESCAC (Escola de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya) students, company promotional videos, music clips,… Providing any kind of VFX required. Working on all those projects made me realize that I was enjoying the compositing part of the VFX process much more than any other, and that’s why I started focusing on this field. After a couple of years working as a freelance, I had the opportunity to work as Digital Compositor in a VFX company called “Fassman VFX” on my first feature film, “Eva”. After this period I worked on a play for “Comediants” called “Persefone”, creating all the background animations.

I try to push myself to new limits in order to get better and better, and participating in projects that allow me to grow and improve. I also think I can bring passion and creativity to the projects I am involved and to the team of people I am working with; this I regard as the cornerstone to succeed in a competitive Media world.

My Curriculum
Martí Pujol Aparicio
Born in Terrassa on January the 23rd 1985.


Academic History

- 2003-2008: Graduated in multimedia at CITM (Centre de la Imatge i la Tecnologia Multimèdia) from UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya).
Final degree project mark: 10.
- 2007: 5 months placement in Finland, studying at HUT (Helsinki University of Technology).
- 2003: University Access tests (PAAU) - Mark: 7,02.
- 2001-2003: Technologic Baccalaureate (IES Terrassa) - Mark: 7,00.
- 1997-2001: Secondary Education title (ESO).

Professional Skills

- Fast adaptation capabilities in working environment.
- Skilled in Compositing tools: The Foundry Nuke, PF Track, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.
- Skilled in 3D tools: Autodesk Maya.
- Basic skills in: Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Pixologic ZBrush, Vicon Boujou.
- Usage of design and animation tools: Flash, Ilustrator and Dreamweaver.

Work Experience

- 2011: Working at "FASSMAN VFX" as Modeling assistant on the movie "The Impossible", IMDB.
- 2011: Working at "Banzai Studio" as Digital Compositor and 3D Generalist on the play "Persefone" from "Comendiants",, doing the background projected clips.
- 2010: Working at "FASSMAN VFX" as Digital Compositor on the movie "EVA",
- 2010: Working on the postproduction (3D/Composition) of a TV Commercial for Condor.
- 2010: Working in the company "01 Codigo Binario" as render/compositing opperator.
- 2010: Working as Compositor and Color Grader on Mario (Operación Triunfo) music clip: "Voy a ser yo".
- 2009: Working on the postproduction (3D/Composition) of "MENTAL" the trailer. Presented in BASE NEW TALENT.
- 2009: Working on Jordi Torrent music clip: "Las cosas que te pasan por dejar de ser una mujer".
- 2008-2010: Working on TV Commercials for brands and companies such as: TV3, Diari SPORT, Penedès DO, APPEC, Festival Baumann.
- 2008: Working on 3D animations for Promotional Company Videos such as: ATHC (Atlètic Terrassa Hockey Club) and Motocono.
- 2007: Working on cinema and digital short movies from ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya).
- 2004-2006: Working on 3D, animation and motion graphics projects using postproduction and 3D tools.
- 2003-2005: Working in the company Drac Telemàtic SL, making games, interactive applications and 2D animations in Adobe Flash, HTML, PHP and ASP programming.


- Catalan and Spanish, written and spoken: native.
- English, written and spoken: very good.

Additional Information

- Degree in musical education: Clarinet.
- Playing clarinet in several orchestras and big bands.
- 9 years studying artistic drawing with Francesc Abad.
- "Cáritas" volunteer in extra school help for kids.
- Hiking monitor in "Centre Excursionista de Terrassa".
- Driving license (class B).


- "Ciutat de Terrassa" award for the best short movie: "The Wrong Path".
- Finalist in the category "Best local short movie" from Festival BAUMANN V.08 and selected in animation category with the short movie "The Wrong Path".


Working in 3D and composition fields to maintain and enhance my Media base skills in order to offer talent, commitment and knowledge to create quality products.

Contact Me
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